2014 Taipei Game Show

The 2014 Taipei Game Show ran from January 23rd through 27th and TechaLook was on hand to cover the main attraction – booth babes!


Big international names like Sony, Wargaming.net, and Magic the Gathering were there, as well as local players.


Sony was there to show of its new PS4 as well as PS Vita


WarGaming.net promoted its MMO games World of Tanks, World of Airplanes, and World of Warships.

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We thought this female cosplay did a great job represnting Blizzard’s strategy card game HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft


The girls of Magic the Gathering were ready to do battle.

Besides the big names, a large number of game developers have been making mobile games and online games for the local market in Asia. These titles are less well known overseas but a big deal in the region.


Garena is an online gaming service and made a strong impression at TGS 2014

2014 TGS-58

Hong Kong based MMORPG Tower of Saviors went all out with a full lineup of female cosplayers

2014 TGS-105

























This model for Online Beat-em-up Fighters Club felt suspenders unnecessary

2014 TGS-55

These beautiful ladies represented New Zealand online action RPG Path of Exile

2014 TGS-88













Power supply and case fan manufacturer Thermaltake heated things up at its booth, showcasing red hot hardware

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